Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Repairs are Complete at the Parish House Inn

New paint on windows and walls
 These are the photos showing the finished  repairs that have been done to the exterior of the house.  All the windows are freshly painted with the burgundy color.  The window frames have been repaired and painted as necessary with the light sand color.  And the side of the house has been scraped and painted the dusty rose.  It all looks fresh and beautiful.  The floor on the front porch and the stairs to it have been repaired, replaced and painted.  A much needed improvement.  Our sign was in bad shape and now it has been replaced with a new one that looks like the old one.   You can't see it, but our chimney on the roof has also had work done.  So now we are all bright and shiny again and ready for you.  I decided to add the photos of the roses, just  to remind you of how beautiful our patio is during the summer.  the peonies are also in full bloom.  The yellow Stella D'Oro day lillies are setting out buds and will be blooming in a few days...book your room on line and join us!

Chris Mason
Parish House Inn

Newly painted sign

New stairs and porch floor

The climbing roses around the patio are in bloom.