Monday, April 22, 2013

Innkeeper Visit to Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford

Innkeeper and Granddaughter
 Last week my daughter, Martha, and Grandaughter, Mary, and I went to Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.They were visiting for a few days from their home in Maine.It was just the second day that it was open for the season  and it was a bit chilly.  However we were able to see and do it all.  The top photo shows My Grandaughter Mary with me in front of the sign for the Martha-Mary Chapel.  Appropriate to do, given their names, of course. The Village is broken up into several areas so that the various houses and attractions are grouped together over the large property. Fortunately there are interesting modes of transportation to help you move from one place to another.  We rode on them all; horse drawn conveyance, old cars, and the train.  We had lunch in a cafeteria but the Eagle Tavern is also a great place to eat.  We moved over to the craft area and saw glass blowing, the pottery shop, tin shop , weaving shop etc.  where there are actual people working and can explain how to do each craft. 

The Henry Ford includes the Museum, Greenfield Village and the IMAX theater and is only a thirty minute drive from the Parish House Inn.  Go to  and check it out.

Chris Mason, Innkeeper
The Weaving Shop

Kilns in front of the Pottery Shop
The Tin Shop