Monday, April 1, 2013

Ducks on the Huron River in Ypsilanti

The ladies  are under cover.
The male is looking for the ladies.
He has found some of the ladies.
 While enjoying a beautiful Spring Saturday working in the back yard garden,  the sounds of ducks clucking to each other rose from the Huron River.  When I went to the edge of the yard and looked down at the river, I saw about ten female ducks.  They were just having a good time with each other, as we women do, preening and interacting with each other.
I then spotted a lone male duck a few feet away checking them out. He moved closer to the group, but  the ladies paid no attention to him.  He finally gave up and swam away...not his day!  

There is a two person swing at the edge of the back yard where there is a great view of all the action on the Huron River below. I can't wait for the grass, flowers trees and shrubs turn green again.  However, some of the crocus are now is shown in the photo below.

Crocus blooming March 30,2013
Plan your Spring and summer getaway now so you can also enjoy the view!

Chris Mason