Monday, May 20, 2013

Parish House Inn Getting ready for Summer Visitors

Front porch and steps
 We are getting a head start on maintenance this year, in preparation for our summer visitors.

 Repairs are being done this week to the exterior of the Parish House Inn. The photo on the left shows the condition of the front porch and steps. Even though the mailman is the only one using those steps right now, or sees the floor of the porch, they have to be fixed.  The front of the house really gets the weather and causes the wood to decay.

Side View
 The photo on the right shows the patchwork of primer on the house getting ready for paint.  Twenty-one  windows will be repainted with the burgundy color and the light color on the trim will be also be painted.

There  is other work being done this week to get everything up to par.  Thanks to Dave Friedrichs of  Homeland Builders of Michigan for coordinating everything and scheduling the work in a timely manner.

Chris Mason