Monday, March 1, 2010

Visit a new business in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan

This is a wonderful new shop to explore on your next visit to the Parish House Inn. Check our website for availability.

mix new and used

Long-time friends and fellow artists, Bonnie Penet and Leslie Leland, had for years dreamed of having a store-preferably in Ypsilanti-preferably on Michigan Avenue. When the space adjacent to What Is That Gallery became available, it seemed like the perfect place. Within weeks of opening, though, Mix was outgrowing its physical boundaries. Good fortunate struck again, when Leslie and David Austen offered to swap storefronts, giving Mix roughly twice as much space as before. Both Bonnie and Leslie say they love being downtown, working with the other downtown merchants.

Now, only three months old, Mix is humming with business and bursting with wonderful finds. Although as much as 70-80% of their business is in clothing, you can find beautiful jewelry, whimsical art, unique home goods and so much more. You really have to experience Mix in order to appreciate the variety and quality of items offered.

If you've enjoyed shopping Bonnie's clothing racks at the Crossroads Music Festival performances, don't despair. They'll be back again this year; they'll just bear the Mix tag now. And look for Mix to spill over onto the sidewalk when the weather gets warm.

Not a business to be button-holed, Mix truly is a mix - and that's just the way Bonnie and Leslie (and their customers) like it!

Visit mix at 130 West Michigan Avenue or become

Chris Mason

Parish House Inn